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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Report from RTF Taiwan

The RTF Publishing Company in Taipei, Taiwan carries much of the workload of translating, editing and publishing RTF titles. In October 2014 Ian Peng was appointed as a full-time Assistant Executive Director of the RTF Publishing Company and through 2015 Ian will work alongside Andrew

The Church in China Grows

China has, to a very great degree, a thriving, growing and worshipful Church, for which we are all thankful. No individual, no group, no entity other than the Holy Spirit, can be credited with causing this growth in quantity and in quality. The church must

RTF Australia Project for 2015

During 2014 we were delighted to follow the progress of a publication project sponsored by RTF Australia – The Cross He Bore, by Frederick S. Leahy. This was translated into Chinese by Lorna Chao before being printed and distributed in China. In fact, 10,000 copies