Reformed theological literature translation and publication ministry for the Chinese people.

About Reformation Translation Fellowship Australia

Reformation Translation Fellowship Australia (RTF Australia) is one part of an international fellowship that seeks to promote the Christian Gospel by distributing Reformed theological literature in the Chinese language.

In the past, our primary objective has been supporting translation and publishing works at RTF Taiwan. However, over the years, we have started to put forward books and materials for translation that we see beneficial to Christians in China and the Chinese diaspora.

The RTF Committee meets at least twice each year to discuss books put forward by each member. Once a title has been selected, we will engage our supporters to raise funds for RTF Taiwan to proceed with the translation works.

To date, more than 100 titles have been published, and these publications are widely distributed throughout China. Presently, the translation efforts are overseen from the RTF headquarters in Taiwan, with Australia as one of its supporting arms; our sister organisation in the United States operates independently and focuses on providing free eBooks online.