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Reformation Day

For Christians in the Western world, Reformation Day is a reminder of the wonderful retrieval of the centrality of the gospel and of the theological reality of justification by faith. Sinners were to be understood as being pardoned in the eyes of God, the perfect judge, solely based on the righteousness of Christ being imputed to those who, by grace, believe in Him. In a period where acts and duties were seen as meritorious and contributive to salvation, such thinking was antithetical to popular thought, by moving individuals from dependency upon themselves to a righteousness that was outside them, and could only be found outside them. This revelation of looking at how one related to God through Christ, by faith that had been graciously God-given, was momentous. It was a total paradigm shift that was aptly summarised through the later Genevan Reformation slogan, ‘Post Tenebras Lux’ (After darkness light).