Reformed theological literature translation and publication ministry for the Chinese people.

The Church in China Grows

China has, to a very great degree, a thriving, growing and worshipful Church, for which we are all thankful. No individual, no group, no entity other than the Holy Spirit, can be credited with causing this growth in quantity and in quality. The church must have had some tools to use in their maturing process, some instruction in hermeneutical resources. They must have had some access to classical works of theology. In fact, the Church in China has had tools to assist in the maturing process even though they lacked experienced Christian counsel and examples. Since our founding in 1949, Reformation Translation Fellowship has been translating, printing and distributing classic works by men like Calvin, Burroughs, and Edwards, works of theology by Bavinck, Berkhof and Williamson, texts on ecclesiology by Clowney, Kuiper and Ryken, study guides on apologetics by Van Til, Machen and Spurgeon, and books on practical Christian living by Pratt, Beeke and Powlison. We don’t have space to talk about Boettner, Lloyd-Jones, Murray, Packer, Pink or Vos.

Arthur Thompson

Executive Director of RTF U.S.A

(from the Reformation Translation Fellowship Newsletter, October 2014.)


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