Reformed theological literature translation and publication ministry for the Chinese people.

Report from RTF Taiwan

The RTF Publishing Company in Taipei, Taiwan carries much of the workload of translating, editing and publishing RTF titles. In October 2014 Ian Peng was appointed as a full-time Assistant Executive Director of the RTF Publishing Company and through 2015 Ian will work alongside Andrew McCafferty in leading this work. There is a staff of five other workers in the Headquarters in Taipei and we seek to uphold them in in our prayers.

For the most part RTF Taiwan publishes titles in traditional Chinese script for use in Taiwan and amongst the Chinese diaspora in many other countries. During 2014 eleven new titles were published. They now have 93 books in print.

An encouraging development has been the development of opportunities to publish fourteen of these titles in Simplified Chinese script with the help and co-operation of various publishers and ministries in China. Among those titles which have been published in 2013-4 or will be published in 2015 are the following…

As well as these fourteen titles, about thirty RTF books are available online as free downloads.

These include some of the most popular titles translated by RTF many years ago.


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