Reformed theological literature translation and publication ministry for the Chinese people.

RTF Australia Ministries Update and Mid-Year Appeal

Article on Abraham Kuyper

Recently, Steven from the RTF Australia Committee has written an article on Abraham Kuyper for the audiences at Thinking of God, an interdenominational fellowship of Reformed evangelical Christians, entitled “The Kuyperian Approach“.

“[It’s] helpful to understand the importance of Abraham Kuyper and his theology. Specifically at a time when, whilst simultaneously commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we are being told that Western civilisation is on the brink of moral collapse.”

For the upcoming publication of the first Chinese translation of Kuyper’s “Lectures on Calvinism”, we are seeking 6000 AUD during the courses of this year.  For donation details, please visit the donation section of our website.

Church Giving Project

It is an honour for RTF Australia to partake in the 2017 annual Church Giving Project of Roseville Presbyterian Church, Sydney.  We would like to encourage our supporters to introduce the ministries of RTF Australia to their minister and congregation, as a potential long-term mission partner through donation, yet most importantly in prayer.  Specifically pray that we may be able to be faithful to God’s Word, and we may be able to help promote Biblical truth in within churches and communities.


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