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2017 Publication Projects Update, April

For 2017, the RTF Australia committee decided to support two of the upcoming titles:

  1. Douglas Milne, “Let’s Study Luke” from the Let’s Study the Bible series of Banner of Truth.
  2. Abraham Kuyper, Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898.

Since January, we were able to engage with Rev Dr Douglas Milne on behalf of RTF Press to write a new preface for the upcoming Chinese translation of his study commentary on Luke’s Gospel.  In the new preface, Rev Milne reminded us “the church and Christians will only be strong and effective in their service to Christ ? to the extent that they believe God’s written word in Scripture”, echoing the great truth of Reformation, Sola Scriptura!

With the generous donations received over the months, we are happy to report that we have paid in full for the translation of “Let’s Study Luke“, due to be published in the third quarter of this year.

In an atheistic country like China, Abraham Kuyper’s public theology is extremely important for Christians as a way to live.  If God is present in all arenas of life, then Christians too should be present there. And just as  God isn’t passively present in the world, Christians should not be passive either.  Obedience to Christ means joining with Him in His mission to restore his creation.  It means transforming society from the inside.  It means turning oppression into freedom, injustice into justice, hatred into love.*

With this in mind, we are seeking a further 6000 AUD during the courses of this year to sponsor its translation into Chinese and its final publication for distribution.



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