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Passing of Ligonier Ministries Founder – Rev Dr R.C. Sproul

December 14th, 2017 marks a great loss with the passing of Rev Dr R.C. Sproul, founder of Ligonier Ministries.  Known to millions of Christians as simply “R.C.,” he was used to the Lord to proclaim, teach, and defend the holiness of God in all its fullness. Through his teaching ministry, many of us learned that God is bigger than we knew, our sin is more deeply rooted than we imagined, and the grace of God in Jesus Christ is overwhelming.[1], wrote Chris Larson, president and CEO of Ligonier Ministries.

Unknown to many Christians, R.C. and Ligonier ministries have long been associated with Chinese churches, especially in the advancing of the gospel through translation ministries.  For many years, R.C. served as a member of Board of Reference alongside with Ligon Duncan, Richard B. Gaffin, Robert Godfrey, Philip Ryken and other Reformed theologians for the Reformation Translation Fellowship in the United States.

In the recent conference in Hong Kong for the 500th Anniversary of Reformation, many translated works by R.C. Sproul, Edmund Clowney, Kelvin DeYoung and John MacArthur were passed out for free.  5,000 copies of R.C.’s The Holiness of God along with 4,000 copies of the accompany teaching DVD were among those been handed out.

We give thanks for what his translated works have accomplished over the years, and continue the legacy he has left for us through translation of his many, many books, writing, and messages.

Books written by R.C. Sproul translated and published by RTF Press over the years:

  • Reason to Believe
  • The Mystery of the Holy Spirit
  • Digest of Reformed Faith
  • 11 Crucial Questions Booklets

Upcoming translations:

  • 13 Crucial Questions Booklets
  • Chosen by God



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