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RTF Australia End of Year Report & 2018 Translations Projects

During last year, we were delighted for the publication of “The Victory of the Lamb”, by Frederick S. Leahy, and “Let’s Study Luke” by Douglas Milne, both sponsored by supports through RTF Australia.

The Victory of the Lamb by Frederick S. Leahy Originally Published in English by Banner of Truth Trust
Let’s Study Luke by Douglas Milne Originally Published in English by Banner of Truth Trust

We would like to give thanks for the generous donation from Hawthorn Presbyterian Church in Melbourne, enabling us to fund our second project of the year, “Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898” by Abraham Kuyper.  However, due to the limitation of time, the book has currently been put on hold to make time for other none-public domain books to be edited and published.  From our correspondence with RTF Press in Taiwan, the earliest release date for the translation will be later this year or at the beginning of 2019.

For the year 2018, RTF Australia committee decided to support the following two titles:

  1. Thomas Watson, “All Things for Good” from the Puritan Paperbacks series of Banner of Truth.
  2. Truth Matters”, published by Christian Education Committee of Presbyterian Church of Australia.

Watson’s “All Things for Good” is a classic study on Romans 8:28, an encouragement for his fellow ministers after the great ejection from the Church of England.  He explains how the best and worst experiences work for good.  This book contains the rich exposition of a man who lived when only faith in God’s Word could lead him to such confidence.[1]

Truth Matters”, a short booklet published by the Presbyterian Church of Australia back in 2014 was reissued last year as part of the 500 Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation celebration.  Each of the eight chapters covered the basic yet essential doctrines of the Christian faith, with questions for personal reflection or group discussion.  Such book is in great demand in China where foundation teachings are almost zero among the fast-growing church.

We will be seeking to raise 10,000 AUD for the course of this year for the translation and initial publication cost; you can find our donation details at the end of the newsletter or on our website.


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