Reformed theological literature translation and publication ministry for the Chinese people.

Two new publications

Recently RTF in North America agreed to fund the printing (on presses in China) of two new titles. They are Presbyterian Church Government by John Murray, and What is Reformed Theology by John R de Witt. Here is a report from RTF an RTF worker who recently returned from a time in ministry in China.“I have just returned to Hong Kong after three weeks of ministry in China.

“I have just returned to Hong Kong after three weeks of ministry in China. In one city, I baptized 43 Christians and ordained three deacons and one elder.  This group is part of a Reformed group that I have been working on for the last 16 months, from Hainan Island to Liaoning province, with a total member of 7000-8000 members, and growing.

For this fledgling group, Murray’s and DeWitt’s article is particularly fitting and useful.  I requested these books to be translated and be printed specially for them.  Lord willing, we will be working with them for the next few years, likened to Paul’s methods of itinerant evangelism, teaching, preaching, ordaining elders and deacons from city to city.

This is an exciting time for House Church ministry in China. Thank you for standing with us and supporting us through the printed ministry.”


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